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Our Mission

Global Video Pros is one of the leading independent full-service video production company for businesses and organizations around the world.

We are the go-to video production agency for brands and commercial clients nationally and worldwide. We produce a wide range of video content across all types of industries and sectors. We provide our clients with tailored video content that viewers want to engage with and share, time after time.

What sets us apart is our ability to take on any brief, for any purpose and constantly deliver, on time and on-budget. We have extensive experience filming corporate videos, real estate, fashion and lifestyle, aerial filming, and entertainment events.

We have experienced creative, production and edit teams as well as state of the art HD video production equipment, enabling us to truly create anything you can imagine.

Our Proven Process


We research your brand, align with your business goals, review past efforts and analyze competitors’ work. This lets us develop ideas for media that will help you stand apart. After this, we brainstorm format, content and messaging options.


Once we’ve agreed on your plans and budgets, GVP assembles a team with the skills required to bring your project to life. We look for the sweet spot where creative success meets cost-efficient production, to give you the best product you can afford.


Successful post-production starts with clear, mutually understood goals. This highly collaborative process incorporates client input to ensure that the final product exceeds all expectations, and we take special care to make the process enjoyable and productive.