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November 10, 2018by admin0

You may have the skills to host the most amazing event of the season, but how do you make sure people get to know about it? Better yet, how do you ensure they attend?

Read ahead to learn how to manage a successful event video marketing campaign.


Sure, reading about an event online gives the audience some clues about what it’s going to be about, but do you know what works even better? Videos!

There are a number of ways to run a video marketing campaign for your event before the big day arrives. For instance, you can release a couple of short 30-second-long videos hyping the event, with a new piece of information in each video. This will keep the audience excited and interested as they wonder what else your event will have to offer.

Another thing you can do is create short videos on topics related to your event. For instance, if you are organizing a carnival, you can have videos on the best food stalls to try out, or the top 5 rides for kids. This will educate the viewers on the activities they can indulge in at the carnival, while also serving as a guide of sorts.

Don’t shy away from being on the camera! This is especially important if you are going to be physically present during the event. If you appear in some of the videos leading up to the event, your audience will probably remember your face. They will be able to recognize you on the day of the event itself, and are most likely to approach you in person. This can be especially helpful in interacting with the attendees and engaging with them during the event.

During The Event

Once the event has officially begun, you want maximum coverage to capture all the key moments. For a successful video marketing campaign, you’ll also need to be creative with your camerawork and footage to capture your audience’s attention.

Having a video shoot with the attendees during the event can go a long way. This will allow you to get on-the-spot feedback from your guests who can share their own experiences while at the event.  These can serve as testimonials, which you may compile together for later use or stream live.

Don’t forget to talk to other important clients and acquaintances! Having renowned professionals give your brand a good word or two will help your campaign significantly, and will convince the viewers of your credibility and integrity.


The event may be over, but the campaign is still alive! Once the metaphorical curtain comes down, it’s time to get to the real work. This is the post-production stage of your video making process and gives your campaign a final chance to make a statement.

The best way to go about it is make an event recap video that highlights all the key moments from the day in a short 60–90 seconds video. You want to create a video that makes the attendees feel glad they were a part of the event, and have your viewers wish they could have been too. Choose exciting parts from your footage, pick some upbeat music that matches, and tell a compelling story.

Have a professional video production company handle your event video marketing campaign for the best results!

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