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November 8, 2018by admin0

According to Mark Zuckerberg, 500 million people watch a video on Facebook every day.

Had a company event recently that you want to showcase to the world? Making an event recap video and putting it up on Facebook might just be the way to go about!

Before you begin with the video production process, however, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your event recap video stand out.

Go With The Flow

Just as important as it is to understand the purpose of your video, you also need to have your video production team understand the event itself. Once the production crew knows what the event is about and what it achieves to gain, they can plan their filmmaking around it.

A good event recap video covers all the crucial aspects of the event in chronological order. This helps viewers understand the flow of the event, giving them a quick sneak peek into the day’s highlights. It’s best to provide your video production crew a copy of the schedule beforehand and let them know of any must-capture moments you wish to have in the footage, so that these may be recorded timely and can be included in the final video.

Keep It Short

How short or long your recap video is can determine how well it will do amongst audiences. Ideally, your event recap video should be between 60–90 seconds, giving all the highlights within this timeframe.

Remember, the video is meant to give a brief look at the various aspects of the event to those who couldn’t attend, while acting as a memorabilia for those who did. Thus, the shorter your video, the more engaging and appealing it will be to the viewers who will get to witness the most important moments from the event without it becoming a lengthy process.

Pick The Right Music

They don’t have the category for the best soundtrack at the Oscars for nothing! The right choice of music complements the content of the video and helps re-create the mood.

The music you select for the duration of your video should be one that matches the event. Using a slow jazz melody for a video of a sporting event doesn’t make much sense now, does it? Music can help your video create a connection with the audience by playing at their emotional response and you want to make sure you pick the right tune for your video that matches the mood.

However, don’t let the music over power the contents of your video. Remember, music is a supplementary tool enhancing the message of the video; it’s not what your video is actually about. Your event is still the star of the footage, and you need to highlight aspects from that using music that complements the overall vibe.

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